A new space age is emerging and the extraordinary opportunities in space depend on the ground segment, satellites and transportation systems from Earth to Space. We are a multi domain Space tech company offering end-to-end mission solutions on an affordable budget. We envision a future where spaceflight is regular, affordable and reliable.

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Ground Segment

The ground segment has a critical role to receive the required data, It is expensive, time-consuming and complicated to develop ground station. TRSC will offer world-class services and solutions for your ground segment requirements.

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Satellite Solutions

Building satellites is a challenge in itself. However, ensuring that the satellite is maximizing its utility once in-orbit involves a series of complex steps and technology that needs to be accurately and efficiently deployed in order to get quality results.
We will manage your CubeSat & Satellites missions from Project Planning Phase till commissioning.

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Space Flight Solutions

We are now offering End-To-End service for payload deliveries to both sun synchronous and low inclination orbits.

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Research & Development

We belive in R&D Because in industry and technology sectors especially in Space Tech, R&D is a crucial component of innovation and a key factor in developing new competitive advantages. The economy is a big beneficiary of new innovations, products and services evolving from space R&D.

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In-Orbit Servicing

TRSC will address in-orbit servicing to increase the lifespan of a satellite to make sure the long term benefits for Space tech companies investment.

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Space Debris Solution

Our Space debris solution will reduce the risk of satellite and spacecraft in-space collisions due to space debris, saving significant money for space-based companies.

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